Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Call To Villains

Anyone reading this who is interested in joining this group please read this. The Tumblvengers, are suffering from a shortage of villains. Big villains. So, if you’re interested, consider playing a villain! There’s tons of them running around in the Marvel universe (And let’s face it, villains are AMAZING).

Plot the destruction of NY! Try to take over the world! Kill off some main characters! Get defeated! Plot revenge from your jail cell! Break out! Get a pity story. Look like you’re almost good then KILL EVERYONE. Create over complicated plans! Make an arch-enemy to our heroes! Kidnap loved ones or civilians! Order around mindless stooges! Rinse and repeat.

Make a blog (completely new or a side blog!),  alert the tower to your existance, and begin your life of crime.